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RoofTech Double Tube Holder




Option: Icestopper









RoofTech Double-Tube Snow Retention

Some projects require a system providing higher protection against sliding snow, for example in areas with heavy snowfall. Roofs with solar panels also need a higher level of protection to stop snow below the last panels from sliding off the roof.


The RoofTech Double Tube Holder, fixed on two S-5! Mini-clamps, is the ideal and easy connection to standing seam metal roofs without piercing the roof.

  • Material: 3mm Stainless Stell - very strong and suitable for all metals.
  • Fixed on two S-5! Mini-clamps with the M8-screws on top.
  • The speciality of the double pipe holder is that the lower pipe is close to the seam.
  • The top pipe is 16 - 20cm high above the seam.

RoofTech-Doppelrohr-SnoGard-Palais-1.jpg  RoofTech-Doppelrohr-Palais-1.jpg

RoofTech Double-Tube snow retention fixed on two S-5!-Mini-clamps: easy to install and high holding strength.



The stainless steel RoofTech Single-Tube holder can be fixed on all S-5! Mini-clamps (also B-Mini for copper roofs !):

  • Fixed on the S-5! - Mini-Clamps they can take higher loads compared to other systems.
    This often requires less holder, clamps and snow retention rows.
  • In combination with its simple and fast installation it provides a very economic snow guard system.
  • Optional we offer ice-stopper, which will be fixed between the lower pipe and the metal roof.


Please use our Snow Guard Calculation Service for your project.