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RoofTech Double Tube Holder




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RoofTech Double-Tube Snow Retention

Some projects require a system providing higher protection against sliding snow, for example in areas with heavy snowfall. Roofs with solar panels also need a higher level of protection to stop snow below the last panels from sliding off the roof.


The RoofTech Double Tube Holder will be fixed on two S-5! Mini-clamps. The advantages are:

  • Material: 3mm Stainless Steel - very strong and suitable for all metals (also copper).
  • Fixed on two S-5! Mini-clamps with the M8-screws on top.
  • The speciality of the double pipe holder is that the lower pipe is close to the seam.
  • The top pipe is 16 - 20cm high above the seam.

RoofTech-Doppelrohr-SnoGard-Palais-1.jpg     E-Mini-Doppelrohr-Aldi-Sued-2014-071.jpg

RoofTech Double-Tube snow retention fixed on two S-5!-Mini-clamps: easy to install and high holding strength.



The stainless steel RoofTech Single-Tube holder can be fixed on all S-5! Mini-clamps (also B-Mini for copper roofs !):

  • Fixed on the S-5! - Mini-Clamps they can take higher loads compared to other systems.
    This often requires less holder, clamps and snow retention rows.
  • In combination with its simple and fast installation it provides a very economic snow guard system.
  • Optional we offer ice-stopper, which will be fixed between the lower pipe and the metal roof.


Installation instructions and and more information to download under: Information Downloads.

Futher tests and additional information are available on the homepage of S-5! under:


Please note:

Assumption is that the determination has been made that the roof to which the S-5! clamps will be attached is structurally adequate. Any loads imposed on the S-5! clamps will be transferred to the panels. Panel seams must have sufficient flexural strength to carry these loads. Panels must also be adequately attached to the building structure, and the structure must be sufficient to carry these loads. The makers and distributor of S-5! clamps make no representations with respect to these variables. It is the responsibility of the user to verify this information, or seek assistance from a qualified design or structural professional, if necessary.


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