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Pipe solution with
Tool-Free Kit 152



Kabel Tray fixed on

Tool Free Kit 254



Tool-Free Clamp



Tool-Free Pin

Caddy Toll-Free Supports

CADDY Pyramid Tool-Free Kits


for the quick and easy installation of cable trays and pipes on flat roofs

  • Easy to transport to the roof due to low weight.
  • Quick and easy installation with clamps or pins into the topside holes.
  • UV- and corrosion resistant. Material: PP und PE. 
  • Foam bottom for protection of the roof membrane.
  • Compatible with roof surfaces including single ply, bituminous, metal and spray foam.
  • Optimal mounting level 102 mm off the roof.
Caddy-Tool-Free-Kit-360460.jpg    Caddy-Tool-Free-Kit-360461.jpg    Caddy-Tool-Free-Kit-360462.jpg  

Tool-Free Kit 152, Art.No. 360460:

Width Surface Area: 140 mm

incl. 1 Tool-Free Clamp PTF1C.

Weight: 0,3kg.

20 pieces per box.

Tool-Free Kit 254, Art.No. 360461:

Width Surface Area: 254 mm

incl. 2 Tool-Free Clamps PTF2C.  

Weight: 0,5kg.

10 pieces per box

Tool-Free Kit 406, Art.No. 360462:

Width Surface Area: 300/406mm

incl. 2 Tool Free Clamps PTF2C.

Weight: 1 kg.

5 pieces per box.


Optional: Tool-Free Clamps and Pin:

Tool-Free Clamp PTF1C for pipe diameter 13 - 22 mm, 100 pieces per box.
Tool-Free Clamp PTF2C for pipe diameter 22 - 60 mm, 100 pieces per box.

Tool-Free Pin, lenght: 42mm, head diameter: 20mm, 200 pieces per box.



RoofTech-Tool-Free152-Kabelkanal-8-16-2.jpg  RoofTech-Tool-Free152-Kabelkanal-8-16-3.jpg 
 Pipe installation with Tool-Free Kit   Cabel Trays mounted on Tool-Free-Kit 152: easy transport and fix installation.


Examples for different kind of fixations with the Pins or Clamps:

 Caddy-Tool-Free-Rohr-Inst3.jpg  Caddy-Tool-Free-Rohr-Inst4.jpg

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